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Best day ever meal with spicy-bootilicious-mild sweet sauce

Hi everybody! Welcome to culinary world of raw food -blog. This is my first English writing about some story and recipe to you esteemed audience. Let's start to tell a fairy tale about how Best Day Ever Meal with spicy-bootilicious-mild sweet sauce -recipe was born.

There was sparkling beautiful countryside, a place, almost island with three lakes, it rose a little gentle smile redness on my cheeks. On one lake coast, there was sauna standing grey and old like wise man and its blessed heat my body took it easy remembering on my mind Brian Clement's words how the sauna enhance our general health. There, in sauna I was fancying to create a taste which suggest heat, blessed heat of sauna.

And here to come my recipe "Best Day Ever Meal with spicy-bootilicious-mild sweet sauce" (2 - 4 serving)

Best Day Ever Green Salad

Onion greens (three)
Red chard (one bunch)
Kale (three big leaves), remove stems
Carrot greens (one bunch)
Parsnip leaves (ten leaves)

All these greens cut into small pieces with scissors into steel / glass bowl (recommendation).

Best Day Ever Golden Salad

One cup chopped cauliflower
One cup chopped zucchini
One teaspoon turmeric powder
½ teaspoon black pepper powder
3  tablespoon cold pressed olive oil
3 tablespoon cold pressed flax oil

Mixed all ingredients into steel / glass bowl.

Best Day Ever Sauce

1/3 cup raw  brazil nuts
1/4 cup raw savi seeds
2 tablespoon raw white lupin powder
3 kale stems (chopped small piece)
6 garlic clove
1/4 fresh red chili
1 teaspoon wild canna powder
2 cup true spring water

Put all ingredients into the blender

And in addition

1 cup fenugreek sprouts
½ cup  sauerkraut

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